Lounsbury and Associates is a Civil Engineering and Surveying firm in Alaska, performing much of our work in Alaska’s North Slope Oilfields. We often use snowmobiles, which we call snowmachines, while surveying. This snowmachine safety website was therefore developed to provide snowmachine safety training for our surveyors completing work in Arctic Oil Fields.

It is important to Lounsbury that our surveyors travel and work safely. This snowmachine safety website provides basic safety requirements and procedures that all our surveyors must review prior to using snowmachines. There are few areas in the world less hospitable than the Arctic. Extra care and planning are essential while traveling and working in this harsh environment.

But even if you’re not an Arctic Surveyor, you’re invited to look over the information. Snowmachine safety tips included in this training website may be beneficial in your recreational snowmobiling or work.


Emergencies can happen to anyone, at any time and in any place. Creating and implementing a plan that you prepare in advance, will help if/when an emergency does occur. Practicing and discussing what needs to be done in an emergency can save your life.