When riding in a group, there are a few guidelines to follow.

Riding Side-by-Side

Snowmachines should normally ride single file and not side-by-side. Follow the snowmachine in front of you at a safe enough distance that would allow you to stop or slow down in case the rider in front stops suddenly.

A good rule to follow is the 3- Second Rule: When the person in front of you passes an object, note where it is and start counting. By the time you arrive at the same object, you should have counted no less than three seconds. If you counted to less than three, you need to slow down and allow more space between the rider in front of you to ensure time to stop safely.

One situation where this is not necessary, is riding on open tundra. If you’re riding where there are no obstructions, nothing to ride around and nothing that you could run into, then riding side-by-side is permissible so long as you are able to keep a safe distance between riders. 50’ to 75’ between riders should be enough room for comfort. Remember that even on the flattest tundra there will always be tussocks that you will need to maneuver around.

Riding Alone

It is Lounsbury’s policy that no one rides alone, and that the survey crew travels together at all times. Be sure to visually check on the position of the other riders in group frequently. Know where your crew members are. Having to retrace your tracks for a couple of miles because you weren’t aware of a problem your fellow rider encountered, won’t be necessary if you’re checking on him often enough.

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