While riding with passengers shouldn’t be done except in case of an emergency such as a broken-down machine – we have to be prepared.

Inform your passenger of how to ride with you on the snowmachine. Tell him/her to keep their feet flat on the running boards, firmly hold the handgrips, and to gently lean into the turns with you. Passengers will sometimes lean in an exaggerated motion and can really throw the driver’s balance off.

Riding While Pulling a Sled

  1. When loading your sled, make sure that all cargo is properly stored and secured for the rough terrain. The tundra can look flat, but it isn’t.
  2. Check back often to make sure that your sled is still along for the ride.
  3. As when trailering, stop after a few minutes of travel and do a 360° check to make sure that everything is still secure with the snowmachine/sled attachment, as well as checking to make sure your cargo isn’t getting bounced around.
  4. Try to avoid hauling a sled over a steep bank. This kind of action could bend the trailer hitch and will certainly rearrange the cargo and probably not in any way that you will appreciate.

Riding on the Sled

Click for larger viewThere are occasional jobs that require a crewman to be standing on the back of the sled. This is a completely different situation than riding on the back of a snowmachine and can be exhausting.

  1. While riding on sleds be sure to position feet squarely and firmly on skis.
  2. Try not to lock your knees, use your legs as shock absorbers. Keep a firm grasp on the safety bar with both hands.
  3. Extra care must be taken by the driver to maintain as smooth a route as possible and to keep the speed under 10 mph. Driver must check on his/her sled-passenger often and the passenger should give his driver the “thumbs-up” if everything is okay.

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