1. What are some good practices to minimize injuries while snowmachining in the arctic?


2. Riding off a drop off in a whiteout is a concern riding in the arctic.


3. Frostbite is one of the biggest concerns while riding in the arctic.


4. When starting a snowmachine:


5. The four most common riding positions are:


6. Snowmachines are most safely ridden by two people.


7. In the dark, when you ride faster than your headlights and faster than you can react to a hazard and stop before you hit it, you are:


8. What can complicate riding in the dark?


9. Why is it important to learn and use the different riding positions?


10. Snowmachine helmets with face-shields keep the wind off your face and out of your eyes.


11. Dressing in layers is a good idea for riding because: