In this section, we will familiarize you with the proper riding apparel for staying warm, how to start your snowmachine, riding techniques, how to interact with other riders, and how to prepare for riding in the dark. With the sun completely below the horizon for more than 2 months during winter, becoming familiar and comfortable with riding in darkness is a must. This section also includes the responsibilities of a snowmachine rider.

The Number One safety issue while riding a snowmachine in the Arctic is frostbite, obviously caused by the cold temperatures and ever-present wind. With wind chills down to -100°F, dressing properly is a necessity, not a luxury. Nobody with any experience ever tries to “tough it out.” If you’re not properly dressed, you’re inviting frostbite – or worse! Remember that even if the wind isn’t blowing, you may be riding along at 15 miles-an-hour causing your own extra wind chill to worry about.

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