Welcome to the Lounsbury Snowmachine School section where we will help you become familiar with the How-To’s of safe snowmachine operation. Everything discussed in this section will be demonstrated to you at our shop or a field location. You will also learn about the different types of snowmachines that we use here in the arctic and how they vary from one model to another. Also, basic preparation such as fueling and oiling will be covered. Don’t forget to wear your PPE while performing any task, check, or repair.

This section of the Arctic Snowmachine Safety Website will be different from the rest because it entails pretty much 100% hands-on training. You can and should learn a lot of this information by reading about it, but there is nothing to replace the experience of pulling the start cord, or actually changing a spark plug, or adding oil to the injector reservoir.

Take the time to understand your snowmachine before you ride and be prepared should something go wrong.

Things We’ll Show You in the KCS Snowmachine Shop

  • Checking fuel and oil levels and fill up procedures
    • What are the liquid capacities of the snowmachines
  • Which models require mixed and non-mixed fuel
    • We use mixed and non-mixed fuel in our machines depending on model. You will be shown how to identify which machines require which.
  • Mixing fuel
    • How many parts of oil per parts of gasoline
  • How to change a spark plug
    • Watch out for cross-threading the plugs. That can happen pretty easily and can be a real bear to fix.
    • If you’re having problems starting in extreme cold, sometimes you can pull the spark plug, heat it up with a lighter (watch it that you don’t build up too much carbon/soot on the plug), and stick it back in. This can make starting much easier. Don’t put the fire anywhere near the spark plug hole or you could ignite any gas left from an unsuccessful start.
  • Changing a drive belt
  • How to start your snowmachine with a pull-cord
  • How to start your snowmachine when the pull-cord is broken
  • Controls such as headlights, high beams, choke, starter for electric-start models, hand-warmers, reverse, primer, etc.
  • Suspension adjustment
  • Track warm up
    • This procedure requires a minimum of 2 people holding up the rear of the machine – no exceptions and we’ll show you how.
  • How to use the crane/davit/lift
    • Watch for pinch points and keep your eyes on the whole picture, not just on the snowmachine as it is swinging around – in a controlled fashion of course.
  • Hooking up a sled to the snowmachine
  • Locations for tool kits and spare parts
    • Check these to make sure you have what you need in case of an emergency.
  • Hooking up a broken-down snowmachine so you can pull it back to the truck and trailer
  • Proper sizing and wearing of helmets

You will take a short ride!

During the ride you will learn to accelerate, brake, ride in different positions, use hand signals and cross a road safely. Remember to maintain a safe speed and not to exceed 25 mph.


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