This information will help you become familiar with starting your snowmachine.

First, read the owner’s manual on how to start your snowmachine. This is the best guide for your machine. Always follow the recommendations in the owner’s manual.

Second, to start it:

  • Check gas and oil levels
  • Point the snowmachine in a safe direction
  • Be ready to start it by kneeling or sitting on the machine, or by standing next to it
  • Check the throttle by depressing it at least once to be sure it isn’t frozen. When released it should return quickly to the idle position. Remember that this will send gasoline to the engine though, so once should be enough
  • Check all important switches like key and safety switches, which should be in the “on” positions
  • Depending on the machine, choke or prime the engine as is appropriate to the temperature
  • If your machine starts electrically, turn the key to the ”start” position and release the choke as soon as the engine starts
  • If your machine is a manual start, pull the recoil starter cord until you feel resistance, then pull vigorously, but don’t let the handle snap back

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